Sunday, November 21, 2010

:: Attached ::

I love being attached. Part of the love is that I know it can't last, just like this, forever. Or even for very long really. While I whine inwardly sometimes that I can't do simple and basic things for myself, like paint my toenails whenever or eat my dinner uninterrupted, mostly I love this attachment.

 :: now that Archer can sit they play next to each other sometimes ::

:: wrapped up in our Beco and Peekaru vest at the Skypark ::

I'm not sure exactly where the term "attachment parenting" originated, but it certainly isn't a new or an original concept. In fact most cultures in the world have attached babies and mamas (or grandmamas, or whatever.) For me it's just a time in my baby's life when I am with him, and in contact with him almost all the time. Right now he's sleeping next to me on the couch, wrapped in a cozy cotton blanket.

In the morning is one of the few times Archer and I are not in close contact, which is fine since he's usually pretty cheerful in the am. He plays in the Circle of Neglect (aka the exersaucer) in the kitchen while I make coffee, cocoa, and breakfast for myself, the Sparrow and Archer B. The rest of the day is spent playing and getting some floor time now that he's a sitter, with lots of time in the carrier. He hangs with Mummy in our Butterfly II and has his first nap of the day in the carrier or on Mummy's lap in one of the chairs at work. When I make dinner at night he often rides on my back or plays with Dadda. Bath times are great now since can sit and he really loves his bath with big brother Sparrow. He practically flies out of my arms into the tub to get in there with the Sparrow and the bubbles!

:: our cozy sanctuary ::

But night time is our special time. Spencer likes sleeping in the guest room on the futon, and this works out fine for all right now. He has to get up really early to go to work (5:30am, ugh) and it's usually at a time when Archer's having an early am nurse. So Archer and I get the queen-size bed all to ourselves and it's awesome. I barely notice when he nurses in the night, and he nurses a few times at least, more towards the morning. We sleep on a Nana-made quilt in case there are spit-ups or diaper issues. We are cozy and snuggled all night. I love cuddling with my littlest boy, and he is a really good sleeper. I am so thankful that Spencer doesn't mind sleeping on his own, and right now it works best for us since Archer's night-eating would keep Spencer up anyway. I never thought I would be one of those married people who sleep in separate rooms, but while Archer is a co-sleeper and a night-nurser it works so well for us. 

 :: Nana came to visit for a week for the Sparrow's birthday ::

 :: first time for the Sparrow in rubber boots! ::

I cherish this time with my youngest, and am often reminded of this time I had with the Sparrow, too. He was a Beco baby and had his naps in it at the store for many months after we first opened. I love to smell the top of a little fuzzy baby head while he is cozy with his mama in dreamland, in the carrier or in bed at night. There is something so sweet and universal about a baby receiving that perfect comfort from mother. 

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Kim said...

You know what? Life goes by so fast and kids grow up so quickly. Enjoy the time with your littliest angel for as long as you can!