Wednesday, October 6, 2010

:: These Shoes Were Made For Walkin' ::

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Well, I may be a blogger slacker these days, but lately I barely have time to read my favourite blogs, let alone write one! Well, enough excuses, I have important things to relay here.

Spencer and I are just over the Moon these days, because our little Sparrow is finally a walker!  On September 4th, (okay, a month ago now, holy cow) we bribed our first born with Skittles, and he walked across the living room to Dadda! Skittles were a totally new treat for him, and Dadda's spontaneous bribe did the trick and motivated him to go for it. He needed to stop thinking about it and try it, and it has been amazing to see him improve since then.

Thirty-four months is a very long time to wait for your child to walk, and at times it seemed he would never be a walker. Don't even get me started on other parents who think they know how it's been for us, and moan over how their little one took a whopping 17 months to walk - it's not the same. Or the people who tell me that now he's walking, my life is going to be so much harder. When your child is about to turn three years old, you are ready for him to go from room to room on his own two feet! We have missed out on so many fun activities over the past two years because there are some things there is no point in participating in if your child is immobile. We might actually go to the pumpkin patch this year! (Ed: we did, today!)

At our last visit with Diane, Liam's physiotherapist, she gave us some more core exercises to build his strength, and she explained that at his age he was over-thinking everything. Whereas a younger toddler will just go for it and start waddling away, Liam knew the consequences and so was very hesitant to try on his own. After a few tries for the Skittles he knew he could do it, and he has progressed in leaps and bounds since then. I am actually shocked it's been exactly a month - time is flying by these days!

:: dirty and sleeping on the kitchen floor. Mum of the Year Award for me! ::

To celebrate his new skill, I knew he needed a new pair of real shoes. His leather Robeez were too tight around his fat little ankles, and they don't work as outside shoes. He was wearing a pair of Holey Soles (knock-off Crocs) but his feet are so thick that he had little circle indents on the tops of his feet whenever I took them off. So I splurged and got him a good quality pair of leather shoes with rubber soles; flexible but firm. They fit his little potato feet perfectly! We have noticed that he walks a lot better when he is wearing them, too. And they will last him a long time since his feet (as well as the rest of him) grow slowly.  Archer may or may not ever wear them, because he grows like a weed.

:: Sparrow's new kicks, called "Ariston"  from See Kai Run ::

I had a day off today, and my boys and I had a great time running around town. We started the day off with chocolate cupcakes (nutless, and with this AMAZING icing that has been removed from Tasty Kitchen. I will type it out later). Then we went to Comox, where we picked up a few grocery items and I bought a new Brita jug. We finally had to retire our old one, which I'd had for over ten years! It was a gift from my Mum when I moved out on my own. It has had a crack in it for awhile, which finally moved far enough South to render the jug leaky and useless. In a nerdy way I'm super-excited to have a new one! Then we at cheese buns and went to Otter's Kitchen Cove where I wanted to inquire about Fiestaware. I really wanted a price list for the different pieces, as I'd like full service for eight one day. I am planning on winning on The Pioneer Woman, but I always try to have a Plan B as well.

We then walked down the street to Planet Kids, where I had won a $10 GC in a fun facebook contest. Sparrow loves it there, and they have so many great toys and learning supplies. He happily played with a "Buh" or a Bus, and I picked out a new (to us) pair of leather slippers for Archer, and a new book for the Sparrow. It is one of my faves: The Paper Bag Princess! Robert Munsch is one of my favourite kids' authors, and I will never forget hearing him read at the Vancouver Children's Festival, and "making it rain".

After the "too-ee dore" as Liam calls the toy store (which he did NOT want to leave) we went to the new all-abilities playground. It was built so that kids with different levels of ability can access all the features. There is room on the kid-powered merry-go-round for a wheelchair, and the whole thing is wheelchair accessible in general. The swing is a giant platform with padded edges which hangs from four cables. Liam loved the squishy ground in between the "wheeees", and while I was nervous that he wouldn't like it or get overwhelmed, he surprised me and absolutely loved it! He wandered around for a bit and watched the other kids, and didn't seem nervous until a little girl ran up to him and screamed in his face. He got over it pretty quickly, and eventually decided he wanted to go on the merry-go-round! The other kids stopped to let him on, and helped him make it over to a pole, and he held on and had fun for over half an hour! Archer slept in the Beco the whole time, and the weather was Liam's favourite - sunny with a cold wind.

Being at the park with all the other kids and parents made me realize that I used to hang out at the park several times a week when we lived in Vancouver, because I almost always had a job as a nanny while we lived there. But since having my own store, and a child who didn't walk until 34 months old, I have been park-less. It was fun being back, and it is definitely different when you go with your own child.

At home later on we had leftover Chicken Tikka Masala with PC Naan Bread, coconut rice with peas, and cilantro, and it was incredible. Boys were in bed early, and I actually blogged! I love October.

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Emily said...

Wow...such exciting news! I am so happy for you, and Liam couldn't look prouder! I love the way he says "Thank you"!! I hope you enjoy all the wonderful things you'll get to experience with your new walker!

Caden and Mommy said...

Hooray for walking! Caden didn't start walking till 29 months. So I kind of "get" your happiness! Skittles work wonders, they are one of Caden's favorites too. You will be amazed at how quickly he advances now. Sometimes I look at Caden's "tricks" and am amazed that he just started walking a year ago.
Enjoy the fun ahead :0)