Thursday, October 21, 2010

So many things have changed since little Sparrow became a walker. When I get home from work, I can take him out of the van and he walks to the stairs, crawls up them, and knocks on the door for Dadda to let him in. He does the same thing when we arrive at work, freeing up my arms for Archer and one of our many bags. 

 :: my baby at 7 months with his adorable face and rainbow drool-proof bandana bib. no more wet shirts! ::

We go to the playground now, and he loves watching the other kids and walking around taking it all in. We have this great new playground in town, built by the Rotary. The ground is made from recycled tires so it's slightly bouncy, and it's all abilities accessible. The merry-go-round even has room in the center for a wheelchair, and it's at ground level which is safer and easier for kids to get on and off. Sparrow loves this merry-go-round and would probably stay on it all day if I let him! He holds on tight to the bar and says "Wheeee!" over and over. He is happy to let the other kids push.

:: first time at the playground, and walking to boot! :: 

:: he surprised me and walked right onto this ride when it slowed and stopped ::

 :: first time walking on the beach, in the sand ::

He walked for the first time on the beach the other day, when we all headed out to the airpark walk / new playground / beach. The tide was pretty far out, but he was upset when we turned around without him getting to see the "agua" so Spencer carried him over so he could see. 

 :: the Eagle and the Salmon; my Scorpio and Pisces boys ::
 :: scuttling in the sand with Mama Crab ::

Another cute milestone for the Sparrow came with the introduction of a cute retro Tupperware tea set. I left it at work, hoping that Sparrow and Ronan could play tea time, and to our surprise, they actually did! It's so cute to hear him say, "Tea!" and see him drink his pretend tea and eat his pretend snack. I let him practice at home with a little jug of water and he can pour with success most of the time. Thus far his imagination play has involved mostly vehicles, so this new game is very exciting.

 :: tea! you can see his cute walking shoes, too ::

Bed times have been a lot smoother these days thanks to a much earlier bed time. Sparrow is not a napper any longer, which is fine with me since we're at work anyway during nap time and there are many things to occupy him there. But no nap means he's tuckered by 7:30, whereas he used to go to bed at 9:30pm or later! So he is in the bath right after dinner, and then it's tooth-brush time and bed for the boy. If Archer is not fussing then he gets his story too. He is usually in bed by 8pm lately which gives me ample time to get Archer bathed and in jammies for bed. Sparrow has always liked bed time and when he's really tired or having a bad evening he plaintively asks for "Nie-nie!" I think he likes the new early routine because he isn't so whiny and tantrum-y in the evenings now as there's no wait for bed time after dinner.

Cover of "Super Baby Food"Cover of Super Baby FoodArcher has been eating solids for a month now, and so far has eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, brown rice cereal, Baby Mum-mum crackers, and butternut squash. He didn't really get it at first like Liam did, and it took me awhile to figure out that he didn't know he should open his mouth when the food comes, or that eating food makes your tummy feel good! I think he liked the Mum-mums because they feel good on his poor gums. He has two teeth on the bottom that have mostly cut through the gums. He seems to "get it" now, and with the occasional reminder to open his mouth for the spoon, feeding him is fun. I very highly recommend the book Super Baby Food. It is my handbook for feeding a baby and then toddler. It has absolutely everything one needs to know to make all homemade baby food, including how much and how often, at what age to introduce different foods,with hundreds of recipes and very detailed instructions. The nutritional aspect is very well-researched also. I cannot recommend it enough.

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Kim said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I just want to eat Archer up in that first picture! I love it!!!! And his bib! And go Liam! I am so happy that he is walking and it appears he is loving life!!!! He is just the cutest. You look great in that pic on the beach!

Emily said...

What an amazing playground! I can't get over what a good idea it is to have the merry-go-round at ground level - genius. You must have so much fun chasing your little Sparrow around! The boys are so adorable, I love the pictures. I'm looking forward to making baby food for my Liam, so I will definitely have to check out the Super Baby Food book. I really dislike having to buy jarred baby food, and my older two loved the fresh homemade stuff! Awesome bandana bib on Archer too!