Tuesday, August 17, 2010

:: Tunnel of Doom ::

Toddlers are some of my favourite people. They are curious, silly, unreasonable, imaginative, just starting out, and most of all: pretty damn funny.

Example: Little A getting upset and yelling at her mummy that her foot is stuck to her leg!

Example: R receiving the explanation that "Spiderman is as big as daddy." from his mummy, in preparation of Spiderman making a guest appearance at his birthday party.

Example: Spencer makes a really realistic choo-choo whistle, using his hands in front of his mouth. (Side note: I taught myself how to do this as a teenager, but have since lost the skill.) He did this for the first time for little Sparrow the other morning, while we were all having a family cuddle in bed. Sparrow was lying on Dadda's tummy, and he freaked out, and started screaming and crying, and clawing at Spencer's mouth. He was trying to get the choo-choo out from the scary Dadda choo-choo tunnel. Apparently daddies eat trains.

:: Archer and a rainbow of diapers - which I will write about soon :: 

:: my funny Sparrow-boy! ::


Emily said...

That story is too funny! How dare Daddy eat the train! Love what their little minds come up with!

Destini said...

Kids are funny! Tell Spencer to stop eating Liam's trains!! I LOVE the picture of Archer with the rainbow diapers, it's gorgeous!!

Kim said...

Kids are awesome! I just love the way they do and say funny things. It's so innocent. I just love the pics of Archer and Liam in their diapers.

Chelsea said...

Thanks gals! I've got an exciting post coming up, just have to find the time to write it!