Wednesday, February 3, 2010

:: Stream of Consciousness Update ::

So, I am in the home stretch of this pregnancy. As of Saturday, two days ago, I am 36 weeks pregnant which means only four or so weeks left. If the baby comes early, I could have it in two weeks! Yeep! I am actually going for another ultrasound next Friday, when I will be one day from 38 weeks. The ob/gyn/surgeon (from my c-section with Liam) whom I had to have a consultation with suggested it, and I would actually love to see the baby and hopefully be reassured that everything is all right in there.

:: my 35-week belly ::

I had a standard overdue ultrasound with Liam the day he was born, which alerted us to the fact that he had no amniotic fluid left and he wasn't doing so well, hence the emergency c-section. (He got a 0/8 on the ultrasound, something my midwife and the surgeon both said they'd never seen.) So one more ultrasound as I go into the very last waiting days will actually give me some peace of mind if everything's okay in there. Plus, it'll be fun to see the baby, because it won't look like an alien - it looks like a person now!

I'm pretty huffy-puffy these days as the baby takes up a lot of room and my lungs are compromised. Luckily we got my little Justy insured again so I am driving to and from work. My store isn't far from home, but pushing a stroller back and forth every day was really wearing me down, and I get pretty ugly edema in my legs, ankles, and feet when I'm pregnant so it wasn't pretty after all that walking. It's also tough to do grocery shopping with only a stroller to get things home in.

:: Baby Sesame at 34 weeks. this is what it does every night! ::

I have been on top of my vitamins, so I think my iron levels are good. I also swear by Floradix now, and I am going to continue to take it after the baby is born, because I think I am naturally a low-iron person, and it makes me feel so good. I had some blood taken today to check my levels, and hopefully they will be good, because I did run out of Floradix for almost a month.

There isn't as much baby stuff for us to prepare for this time around because we saved everything from Liam. My mum is getting us a car seat, and I am on the lookout for a small dresser for the baby's clothes. Liam's dresser is the perfect size for him, so I don't want to give it up to make room for a bigger one for both kids. The new baby will share a room eventually with Liam, so its clothes will go in there because the change table is in his room. I would like to get a dresser so that I can take out all the newborn clothes from storage in Liam's closet and wash them. Then I can also pack my hospital bag. I picked up a really lovely bar of soap today to go in my labour kit.

:: okay, this is pretty old, but I just went to the hospital to pick it up the other day ::

(Speaking of soap, hopefully I will be able to use the shower at the hospital - one of the ob/gyns who may be on call when I'm in labour is apparently a stickler for v-bac mums to wear the cordless fetal monitor belt which can't go in the shower. We'll just have to see what happens when it all goes down, but my midwives are willing to monitor the baby themselves if I want to hang out in the shower.)

Other than that, there isn't much prep for baby. I got out our cute corduroy Moses basket so I can wash the covers, and my friend has lent me her baby bouncy seat. I didn't use one with Liam because we were informed it wouldn't be good for his back and neck, but I think I will need it for Number Two, especially when Liam's in the bath at night. I have also been stocking the freezer, and there is only room for one or two more recipes.

My nesting has been pretty nutty the last two weeks, and so now our fridge and other areas of the house are clean and spotless, so I forced myself into a day off today. Spencer had the day off too, (very very rare!) so we lazed around and watched movies, and cuddled with Liam on the couch. While Liam napped I drove around and did errands (something I never get to do, ever!) and listened to Loreena McKennit because the Astro Van has a tape player! It was a treat for me. I didn't even make dinner - we just had leftovers. The most strenuous thing I did today was my hair. It was pretty nice.
:: me at 35 weeks and Vega wondering what the hell I am doing ::

On to Liam. I have been trying to get an appointment with his physiotherapist and also the infant development person, but we're playing phone tag and they haven't called me back. I will have to try again tomorrow. He is getting a lot stronger with his standing, and pulling himself up to a stand on a lot more things now. But it still feels like his progress is slow as molasses though, especially compared to other ten-month-old babies who are doing the same thing but with much more noticeable changes. I know I shouldn't compare him to average-height and average-strength kids, but it's really hard to have a two-year-old who can't walk and doesn't seem motivated to get up and explore. He is happy to just army or spider-crawl around and only pulls to a stand when there's something he really wants. He is also in love with cars and trucks right now, and the best way to play with those is flat on your belly on the floor.

:: Dadda and Sparrow trying out the new baby backpack he found! ::

Even though our physiotherapist is pushy, she has really good tips and ways to gently encourage him to get to the next step in his motor skills. She can really break down the movements and show me how to help him. I have to admit it's also frustrating to be nine months pregnant with a heavy child who can't walk yet and needs to be carried all the time. So I know that some of my impatience stems from that.

I also want to see the Infant Development coordinator because we are concerned with his language as well. He has a lot of single words which he says regularly (more than 50 - I wrote them all out), but the only sentence he says is when we are leaving for work: "Go see Tia!" Tia is Teneille, my business partner, and his best Auntie (Tia is Auntie in Spanish). Other than that, he doesn't even really use any verbs or adjectives. Just "go" when he wants to leave, and "uh-oh" for an accident or when something drops. All his other words are nouns or animal sounds, and he doesn't seem to add new ones regularly.

He does know several body parts and can point them all out, and can say a few of them as well. He can also point things out in books, like when I say, "Where's Big Bird?", or "Where are the crows?" etc. He just doesn't seem to say new words very often anymore. (Although I did get him to say "Isla" tonight, which is the girl name we have picked out, in case it's a girl ;)

He talks in a lot of his own made-up sounds, and he is also at a stage where he is saying words that definitely mean something to him, but I just can't make out his pronunciation. We noticed a huge jump in his vocabulary after he had his tubes put in in August, because he actually couldn't really hear much before that, but he seems to have plateaued now. Hopefully the Infant Development coordinator has some input or can refer us to a speech therapist. I don't know if I am over-analyzing this and should just chill out - maybe he's just not chatty like me and Spencer? But if there is something we should be doing differently to encourage his language development, we will do it. We should also get his hearing checked again and see if his tubes are still in place.

We have an appointment to see Dr. Penny, who comes to Courtenay a few times a year. He is an orthopedic pediatrician, and has experience with achon kids. He keeps an eye on Liam's bones and development. We will see him next week.

:: Sparrow's first real bubble bath ::

Other than that, our Sparrow is definitely in his terrible twos, and he is a moody little Scorpio. He is sensitive, and if he's having a bad day or a bad moment and someone picks on him, he loses it. As in a major meltdown screaming and tears attack. It seems like some people have sort of a radar for this, like his Dada and his "cousin" Ronan who we see every day at work while Teneille and I overlap before she goes home. He always seems to get picked on when he is in one of these moods. Spencer will push his buttons when he can sense that Liam is grouchy, usually right before nap time or when he's hungry, and Ronan and Liam always seem to want to play with the same toys when he's in a "touchy" mood. I am torn between amusement at how serious these incidents are for him, and annoyance because I am the calming influence and always the one to deal with his toddler melt-downs.

I just read the other day that for a toddler, something small (to an adult) like having the toy they are playing with taken away, literally is the end of the world for them, and it feels the same as if we had just tragically lost a loved one. They have no perspective because they haven't really been around that long, and apparently the hormonal swings that accompany a temper-tantrum resulting from rage or hurt are really powerful and painful for a toddler. I try to keep this in mind when Liam suffers from his two-year old tantrums, because he displays all the signs of a child who is truly worked-up, and not just play-acting for attention. (Although I will admit that I sometimes chuckle at his tantrums because they can be funny to watch in their intensity. What a mean Mummy.)

He is definitely a people-person most of the time, and doesn't seem to have much interest in exploring or getting into things. He would rather sit in a high-chair and interact with adults than crawl around on the floor and get into trouble. He has never shown any interest in what's in our cupboards, and honestly we haven't child-proofed anything in our house. I keep the laundry room door closed all the time, and the only dangerous chemicals we have are in there up high (just bleach, actually), or out in the garage with all Spencer's car stuff. I clean mostly with my own homemade cleaners so we don't have to worry about that. So I am lucky in that he is laid-back that way.

He likes to hang out wherever I am in the house, so I try to fold laundry on the floor of his room with him so I'm down on his level. I plan on spending a lot of time on the floor nursing the new baby near Liam, and our couch is absolutely gigantic, and he likes crawling around on it too. So maybe there are some good points to having a lazy kid who can't walk when there is a new baby on the way!

:: I am trying to hang out on the floor with him in here as much as I can. You can just see the corner of his bed, and I was sitting in the reading chair when I took this photo. ::

He is happy to watch an old Disney video or Sesame Street clips on YouTube while I get meals ready or shower for work. And honestly I have been relying on the Tube too much these last few weeks when my crazy nesting instincts have been making me clean, clean, clean! We didn't let him watch videos until he was two, but he watches at least one every day right now. This is not my ideal activity for him, and I would like to get into a nice walking/park routine after the new baby arrives, as I will take a little time off from work and will just be doing things from home.

Sparrow is as affectionate as ever, despite his terrible twos, and is generous with kisses and head-bonks (Dada taught him about those). He knows that there is a baby in my belly, and it's his favourite pillow. When he's in a funny mood he blows raspberries on my belly and laughs hysterically. He gets excited at the midwife appointments when we hear the baby's heartbeat. Hopefully he likes the baby when it actually comes out, because he doesn't seem to have much interest in the many newborns that have been gracing my store with their presence lately and getting me so excited. Spencer and I love his sense of humour, and he is a total hambone for his favourite people, or ladies shopping in the store who he takes a shine to.

Well, that's it for my stream-of-consciousness motherhood ramble. This crazy fetus is kicking up a storm, so I'm off for a small snack before bed with about 3,000 pillows to try and get comfortable.


Emily said...

Wow, what an amazing video! I bet you are so excited to meet that active little one! You look fantastic and I hope you are feeling well.

Jess said...

This was an awesome post from the depths of Chelsea. You are going to be such a good mom of two.
Love. xx

Kim said...

That video is absolutely amazing! I forgot how that was towards the end! It is truly a miracle. You look fabulous. And insofar as Liam-the walking will come-I know it is hard to wait for the milestones but when he does it it will be amazing. As far as talking-Pres got his tubes before two but really did not take off on the talking until 2 1/2 and fully conversational by 2/12-three. Now at four his vocab is fantastic! So that will come too.
You feel good and try to take it easy these next few weeks!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it. It's good to know that I'm not alone in this achon-parenting-journey ;)

Maggie May said...

i just found your blog and love your writing. Liam is so beautiful. i think i'm naturally low iron as well and would be interested in taking that Flomix or whatever it was lol
i have taken iron before but not that type.

Destini said...

You are looking great on the home stretch! Awesome video of that active little one! Love the pictures of Liam, and like everyone else said, he'll take off walking soon enough, and you'll miss the limited mobility. Trace started talking a lot shortly after he turned 2, and we can't get him to be quiet for 5 minutes now that he's nearly 4! Good luck with the last couple weeks of pregnancy!

Dori said...

I hope all is well, you're almost ready to pop!
I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new little sesame. The video you posted is great by the way.