Friday, January 15, 2010

:: Belated Christmas Post ::

Christmas was awhile ago now, but I thought I'd write a bit about it so I won't forget one day how it went! We stepped out of our little boxy routine for the holidays this year, and made the trip to Vancouver. It was my first family Christmas in three years. Since we moved to the Island, things have kept us here for Christmas one way or another. But this year Spencer's work week in Vancouver fell around Christmas, and he had to work Christmas day as well. So Liam and I packed up and went back with him to Vancouver on the Wednesday before the big day.

It was hard to be outside of our regular schedule, I will admit. Spencer was actually cranky at having his van-hobo lifestyle cramped by his family in Vancouver. Usually he sleeps in a camper van that he parks in the yard at his work in Richmond (he has a space heater, don't worry). I told him that it would be fine with me if he wanted to continue to do that, because it's easy for him in the morning to just wake up, brush his teeth, and hop into his work truck which is parked mere steps from his van. (He even sleeps in most of his work clothes to save time and heat-energy.) But I think he didn't believe me when I said I didn't care where he slept, and so he stayed with us at our wonderful friends' house and then at my Uncle's place in Kits (near to my Granma's where we had Christmas festivities.) This proved to push him a bit out-of-sorts, but it was nice in a way to spend a whole week together instead of not seeing each other for half, like usual.

I tried to keep Liam's routine normal at least in the morning, which includes sitting on his potty while he eats his breakfast. Breakfast is usually a pretty quiet affair at our house, because Spencer works every day (whether in Vancouver or Courtenay) and it's just the two of us. We also did bath-time almost every night we were there, and he slept in his play-pen on a quilt from Nana and with his usual sleep-sack and blanket to keep things consistent for him. Unfortunately visiting with family and friends means lots of late nights, so he was whiny and cranky whenever he got tired.

:: "the pose" in front of GG's tree didn't work out as planned when we tried to take his nuk before bedtime ::

Christmas day was great, and we had a wonderful time visiting with almost all my family: Granma, aunts, uncles and cousins. Only my immediate family couldn't make it; work commitments kept my Mum, Dad and brother in Kelowna.

:: this photo turned out a little better, with Mummy and Dada as back-up for Sparrow ::

We had a scrumptious dinner, and I had my first brined turkey! My uncle's amazing girlfriend is a true foodie, and she did a delicious turkey with two kinds of stuffing, and we ate every last drop of the gravy. I made homemade cranberry sauce and brought bread from the bakery I worked at for five years when we lived in Vancouver. The usual trimmings accompanied the turkey, and with five people working on dinner the kitchen was a shit-storm afterward! There were three of us non-dinner-cookers to make short work of the clean-up after dinner, and we had to get back to opening gifts afterward. Three family members (including Spencer) had to work on Christmas day so some of the gift-opening didn't start until later.

Liam got some great books, and my mum also sent him some new clothes. She is really good at picking out things that look good on him, but that also fit him well. My aunt and uncle gave him some farm-themed books, and a vintage-y little people farm set. How appropriate! It's cute and nostalgic. He also got a tractor-riding farm goat.

:: this makes me feel like I went back in time ::

Spencer and I got him a little Thomas and Friends engine named Whiff (who appropriately hauls the "rubbish" train, just like Daddy - I didn't know this when I bought it, but all the Thomas trains come with a little ticket that explains who they are, and we had a laugh) and my cousin, Liam's Auntie Jillie, got him a couple of aquarium cars that attach with magnets to the engines.

:: Whiff the rubbish engine and some aquarium cars ::

My two grandmothers both contributed some money for his Christmas gift, which went toward the new foam rug in his room (which is so fun to play on) and a new bookshelf for all his books! I picked up the bookshelf as soon as we got home, and it has made a huge difference to the whole house! We no longer have to keep piles of his books everywhere (although there are still piles, trust me) because there is actually room in his room for all his books! I got the shelf at Home Hardware, and they also had these little drawers/baskets that fit perfectly into the cubbies on the bookshelf. I picked one up and it's the perfect storage solution for all his cars, trucks and trains. He has quite a collection now after his birthday and Christmas, and he is definitely his father's son when it comes to cars. ("Rooom, room!")

:: the new bookshelf with a car-cubby on the bottom, and the new foam rug ::

Oh, and Liam also got one stuffed animal: Goober Sr. He was a gift from my uncle, Liam's Great Uncle Bill, or GUB for short. We really love Goober, and he actually lives on the couch in the living room now because we all like to cuddle him.

:: Goober ::

And Gub got me a gift that I've been talking about wanting for months! A slow-cooker! I have already used it to start stocking up my freezer for Baby #2's arrival. Spencer was flabbergasted when we opened the box, because slow-cookers have been in conversation so much in our house recently. I also got the new Diana Gabaldon book, which I've finished once (a quick read to find out what happens!) and I'm reading it again so I can savour it and enjoy. I did (another) re-read of the entire series leading up to the publication of this baby, and it was (and is) a very satisfying read.

My Christmas gift was one of my wardrobe staples which works for maternity, nursing and beyond, from American Apparel: the Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress. I already have one in aqua, and have worn it for years. It's a cute dress with different options for the bandeau/straps, it can be worn as a skirt, and I wear it cranked up under my bust and over a top when I'm preggo, with the straps tied on the side. Spencer got me another one in brown for Christmas. He also forked over the cashola for me to actually get my driver's license in December, so hooray! no more Learner's license for me (after nine years, yeesh). That was really all I wanted or needed for the holidays: the legal permission to drive!

:: my new lover in brown, and this is also my exact physique right now, haha ::

 I bought him some pocket books (his favourite travel-size) and some tapes for the Astro Van from the thrift store. Hubby is a hum-bug and we don't really believe in over-the-top Christmas gifts, and so we were pretty happy and smiley with our gifts for each other this year. All my gifts for my family (ornaments and baked treats) were handmade, and everyone was really happy with their goodies.

We headed back home a day earlier than I originally wanted, but my hard-working husband had to work every day so we had to come back on Boxing Day. It actually ended up being the right thing to do, because it gave Liam and I a day to settle in before we had to go back to work on Monday. I did some running around town while Spencer was at work, and picked up the bookshelf for Liam, which was really satisfying and fun for nerdy ol' me.

Damn, this post got really long. I guess I had more to say about Christmas than I thought! Coming up for future posts I have: thoughts on how this pregnancy and my preparations for Baby #2 are coming, some things about Liam's development (physical, verbal and tantrum-wise emotional) and I will post a big blog with recipes from Christmas including cookies, cranberry sauce, and probably some more slow-cooker recipes.

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Emily said...

Sounds like the perfect Christmas! I absolutely love my slow cooker, there are so many great websites with amazing recipes! Liam's room is adorable, I love his rug and bookcase. Looks great! How I wish Seamus' car/truck/train collection could fit into one's taking up half the room right now! Although I bet Liam isn't too far behind, with his love of automobiles!