Monday, December 21, 2009

:: the Lost Baking Post ::

Ooops, I found this post that I started on Monday the 21st of December. I guess I should finish adding the photos and post it! Sorry to those who will see these photos twice - facebook and blogger. 

So I finished all my holiday baking yesterday, and packaged it all into tins and boxes. I saved a little bit of each batch for us to have at home, and they're hiding in the cupboard.

:: all the cookies awaiting my assembly-line packaging system in Christmas tins ::

 :: classic Sugar Cookies ::

:: Sugar Crackle Gingerbread ::

:: Cranberry-Lime Shortbread ::

:: Almond Crescents ::

:: Chocolate Lemon Icebox Cookies ::

:: Chocolate Ginger Crackle ::

:: Lemon Icebox Cookies ::

:: one of the tins assembled before the tag went in ::

I also finished all the Sparrow ornaments last night after dinner. These were super-easy, and I loved all three wing fabrics. It feels good to have a few things done ahead of time.
I still want to make some more pinecone ornaments for my family members (I already mailed one for my parents and one for my brother in Kelowna) but we'll see how many of them I can get done in the next two days. They take a bit longer than the Sparrow ornaments but they're really pretty! (Note: I did finish all of these pinecone ornaments, but didn't get any photos. I still have the materials to make one for my own tree for next year, so I will post photos of it when I finish. Might be awhile.)

I think that Liam has been working on the last of his second-year molars for the last couple of days, because we have had a few major cases of the whines around here. He has also been chewing on his hand and drooling, and sucking his thumb, which is totally new for him. I hope they just hurry up and come on through before we go to Vancouver for Christmas. (Note: I was correct regarding the molars. All four two-year molars are through the gums now, and they just have a bit more to go before they're all the way through. Poor little dude. At least it's almost over for him!)

 :: Rowan's Crinkle-Owl ::

I also quickly whipped up a little Crinkle Owl for 8-month old Rowan. The back is just solid pink fabric, and I stuffed it with sheep's wool. I sewed a baby wipes package onto the inside of the back panel of the Owl to make that crinkly plastic bag sound the babies love. The legs and "wings" are also taggy for more fun. This was so easy, I will probably make more!


Laura Wolf said...

Chelsea I do that all the time. I pre-start a blog post to finish later and add pictures and then a week or two go by and I just scrap it. I'm amazed at the talen you have for creating things and those cookies look yummy! Maybe you would like to share your recipes?

Destini said...

Wow, you are crafty! The sparrow ornaments are really cute, and the baby owl is just adorable! Happy New Year!