Sunday, November 29, 2009

:: Slow November ::

So I think that my little Sparrow is finally back to his usual self this week, after a spell of crankiness and other side effects from vaccines and teething.

Getting vaccines this year for the seasonal flu and the H1N1 was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. Liam and I ended up getting both, after I did plenty of research and thinking. When I couldn't find any evidence to show that either vaccine posed a bigger danger than getting the flu, I finally made my decision while thinking about having to take time off of work if either Liam or I got sick. That would mean that Teneille (and therefore her little guy) would have to pick up the slack at the shop, which wouldn't be fair. I also didn't want to have to deal with contracting the flu around baby-delivery time, and especially didn't want to think about Liam suffering from a respiratory-affecting flu.

:: this is where I often find Dexter before I go to bed - what a wiener! ::

So we went and got our shots, and aside from a very painful arm that I couldn't bear to move for more than twelve hours (which subsequently caused me a very poor night's sleep) I didn't have any other complaints. My little Sparrow however, had some weird side effects, including random vomiting around dinner time on days four and five after his vaccine (Teneille's little guy also experienced this, exactly the same). He also had a decrease in his usually voracious appetite, a regression is his gross motor skills, was pretty cranky for apparently no reason, and slept more.

After these symptoms started to go away, I also noticed that he had cut one of his two-year molars. There may be others that have come through as well, but he won't open up to show me and I don't want to get one of my fingers chomped again! I know that toddlers can sometimes have some pretty severe reactions when their two-year molars come through, as all my friends with older children have readily shared their horror stories. So I think that his weird symptoms were probably a result of the vaccines as well as those teeth.

:: and often I find him here, all throughout the day. I think he likes it because Vega can't see/bother him when he's up here ::

Like I said, Liam's crawling, spider-walking, standing and assisted-walking regressed as well, but since his birthday November has been a pretty low-key month at home. Spencer came down with the flu pretty badly just after Liam and I got our shots. He was on the last week of his vacation from his commuting-job, so it was a waste of vacation time too. I knew he must have really been feeling poorly when he called in sick for his job here in town - he hadn't called in sick to work in over eight years! I'm not sure which strain of flu he had, but he had some serious coughing, fevers, chills, the whole bit. He is still recovering his strength and gaining weight back. (And he didn't have a lot to lose to begin with!)

:: only an achon . . . ::

One of the nights when the boys were having cozy-time on the couch I decided to install some new flooring in our bathroom. It's made such an improvement! (We have a friend who laughed when he saw the box of flooring and said it's my "pregnancy job" since he helped us install the slate in our living room when I was pregnant with Liam.) Awhile ago Spencer replaced half the bathroom floor that was rotten thanks to an improperly-installed toilet (previous owners) so we've had an ugly plywood floor since then. The fake-bamboo floor I put in is only a temporary cover-up, but also water-proof, so we can hold off on replacing the entire floor until another time.

:: . . . could sit like this comfortably! ::

I will leave you with a few lines of the Sparrow's new song that he made up and sings to us randomly. Tia means Teneille, both because she's "Tee" and also his "tia" (auntie). It's definitely a happy song, sung quite fast, and when he sings/chants it I know he's back to his usual self: "Mama-dada-mama-mama-nana-dada-mama-dada-dada-TIA!" 


Jess said...

Thanks for the update, slacker! You know it, Jacob.
Liam is so cute in his craddle.

Anonymous said...

Awww, cute...he definitely does say Tia like I just walked in the room & he's so warms my heart....LIAM :)

Kim said...

So sorry that Liam got so sick from the vaccine. I decided against it for Preston and myself because I still want to research some more. I am sure the regression was just temporary and Liam will be running around before you know it! Good for you putting down a floor! Wow! I don't do things like that when I am not pregnant so kudos to you! Hope you are feeling well!