Monday, November 2, 2009

:: Happy Second Birthday, William Sparrow ::

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It's officially Sparrow's Golden Birthday as I type this. We had a great Hallowe'en and dressed in costume almost all day. Spencer and I are big on costumes and we both love any excuse to dress up, especially Hallowe'en, which is my favourite day of the year. I made a little stuffed turtle shell for Liam and sewed it onto his vest, and he wore all green clothes and a green hat. I went as Frida Kahlo:

:: Viva la vida! ::

In Courtenay they have a tradition for trick-or-treating where parents and kids come downtown and go from store to store. It's an organized event so it starts at a specific time. I really like it because it's such a great opportunity to see so many people in costume, and also because the young kids don't have to be out after dark. T went as Smurfette and took her little guy (an elephant) out and Spencer came down in his race-car fire-suit and helmet to take the Sparrow. (Spencer's party costume for later was Buffalo Bill, which was not appropriate to wear to a kids' parade.) I stayed at the store to hand out candy. There were at least 1000 kids, I would say. It was busier than last year, and last year there were 800-900 kids.

 :: my little turtle - almost two! ::

We went to a fun party after dinner where there were many amazing costumes, including Fred and Wilma Flintstone, a geisha, the Pope, lots of dead people, the Mad Hatter, Batman, Data, the Tooth Fairy Gone Wrong, Death, a Hasmat suit guy, a wilderness warrior couple, Leeloo, Flying Swine Flu, and many more. The decorations were also out of this world, and there was a cheese board that was about four feet by three feet in size, plus chili and other food and treats.

:: Dadda and Sparrow getting revved up to beg for candy (note the steering wheel). 
Spencer and I have been eating almost all of said candy. ::

Today my mum came over from Kelowna and brought my Granma from Vancouver, and my cousin drove them over and surprised us! My aunt and uncle also drove up from Qualicum too. We had a family dinner, which is the perfect birthday for a two-year-old I think. He reveled in all the attention from the grown-ups and had a really good time. It's his last birthday when he will be an only child and get to hog all the attention (only two!) and I'm so glad he had a good day.

:: my pumpkins all a-glow ::

For dinner I made Pasta alla Putanesca, sundried tomato pesto marinated chicken breasts, a baby romaine salad with chevre, roasted pumpkin seeds, cranberries and pears with a maple-balsamic dressing, and rosemary olive oil rolls. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce and homemade yellow cupcakes with either cream cheese icing or chocolate ganache. Tea and coffee accompanied dessert, of course; in my family no dinner would be complete without tea or coffee at the end.

 :: photo of our bunting flag by Ella from littleredcaboose ::

:: photo of Sparrow`s birthday crown by Ella of littleredcaboose ::

I ordered a gorgeous birthday bunting flag banner from littleredcaboose, and she express-shipped it and it got here on Friday, which was great because we switched the family dinner from Monday to Sunday at the last minute because Spencer is working a long day on Monday. We'll put it up for all the birthdays, and when the new baby arrives, so it's gender-neutral and made with fresh colours. I also ordered a birthday crown for Liam, and it's so cute. For the rest of us I made silly paper party hats, and I'm pleased to say that everyone wore his or her hat during dinner. I hate those disposable party hats from the dollar store with the elastic string that digs into the soft part under your chin, so the ones I made are sturdy enough to be used year after year, and they tie up either in front or in the back.

:: crappy photo of our bunting flag banner by me. ::

I totally forgot until today that this is Liam's Golden Birthday (turning two on the second of November). I don't think that golden birthdays are as exciting when you're too young to really know what a birthday is. Spencer's golden birthday was his first, but mine and my mum's were our thirteenth, and my cousins both had them on their twelfth. (We have a weird birthday-cluster habit in my family - actually in Spencer's too.) Baby number two is due pretty much on Spencer's birthday, also.

Even though I spent all day cleaning my (only slightly) messy house and baking and cooking, it was a good day because I got to spend it at home with my boy. 

:: William Sparrow at two years old, smiling his perfect smile in the walnut leaves.
This gorgeous photo was taken by Crystal from Crystal Clear Photography ::

It's so hard to believe that he's two already. He has been going through so many changes lately, so that does make him seem more grown-up, but in other ways he is still a baby. People are surprised now when they ask and find out he's about two. They think he looks much younger. His crawling also makes people think he is younger, even his hilarious spider-walk, which he does all the time now.

It's so exciting watching him grow up, and seeing all the changes in him and all the things he's learning every day. His sweetness adds a light to Spencer's and my lives, and seeing Sparrow with his family and  the people he loves is wonderful and uplifting. I'm so grateful that I am his mama.


Miss. Ashley Melle said...

1. Happy Birthday Liam, From Auntie Ashley!

2. I love you Chelsea

3. Do you really love Ugg Boots?

Jess said...

Happy bday, little man.
Love Jess

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Liam! So glad you all had a fun Halloween - great costumes!

Caden and Mommy said...

Hi Chelsea ~ I am Trisha, Mom to Caden who is two and a half. Liam is adorable! It sounds like he had a wonderful second birthday and you are quite the cook! Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!