Friday, November 27, 2009

:: Baby Brain ::

I just read a bunch of posts from one of my best mummy friend's blog, and realized that I haven't posted in way too long! Almost a month.

So much has been happening, and honestly I have been putting all my blogging energies into my other blog.

I'm six and a half months pregnant now, or twenty-six weeks. Just after Liam's second birthday was when people started to notice the pregnancy and now comment on it while I'm at work. Hooray for not looking just bloated anymore! I am really enjoying this pregnancy and also have been noticing the differences between now and my pregnancy with Liam.

This baby seems to move a lot more, and with a lot more force. When it kicks or rolls over, I can feel it with my whole body. At night when I've eaten dinner and get a chance to relax, it gets its groove on (Liam actually did the same thing) but this little monkey shakes my whole belly! You can see it under my clothes, and through my skin when I lift up my top. Last night I actually felt a foot! It was a poky, hard little foot and it was stretching out against the top of my uterus and against my skin.

I know that every pregnancy is different, but my theory is that Liam's low muscle-tone is the reason for the differences I'm experiencing now. Since he was my first baby, I had nothing to compare with, and so his movements seemed strong and normal to me. But I know now that he did have low muscle-tone, even in utero, as my 41-weeks-and-two-days-ultrasound showed with him. So far everything with this baby seems normal, and all the tests and ultrasounds have come back with good results. Hence the soccer kicks!

I had a really good chat with my mum tonight about names (among other things). Spencer and I both still really like our original girl-name for Liam. (It was Isla, and I like Wren for a middle name - doesn't Isla Wren Kennedy sound pretty? Our girl name for Liam was Isla Sparrow, but Spencer wanted Sparrow for Liam's middle name and I acquiesced - I wanted Drake. But I'm QUITE happy I gave in, because he is my little Sparrow.) So we both like Isla, and I want to just force Spencer to accept Wren as the middle name; I love it.

But for a boy, the only name we both agree on so far is Britton. Britton is my mum's maiden name, and so is also my cousin's, my Granma's, aunt's and uncle's last name. Spencer really likes Brit for short for a boy, and came up with it all on his own from hearing that Peter Gabriel song on the radio. I have a little list of boy names, but Isaac is probably my favourite so far. However, I don't like how Isaac Kennedy sounds, because of the two hard "c's" together. It bugs me. But Isaac Britton Kennedy sounds really good to my ears.

I realized while I was chatting with my mum that we could still use that name if it's a boy, and call him Brit for short! Spencer is really Spencer's middle name (only bankers and insurance people call him by his first name) so it wouldn't be weird if we had a boy who went by his middle name. We call Liam "Sparrow" most of the time as well, anyway. (Thankfully no one calls me by my middle name.) So I'm going to pass Isaac Britton by him. (Haha, funny that I discussed it with myself on my blog first.) I know he's not crazy about Isaac like I am, but MacIsaac was my great-grandmother's maiden name.

I like names with options - Liam can be Liam, or William, or Will, or Billy, or Bill (or Mac or Buddy, haha) and Spencer and I call him Sparrow. There aren't really any options for shortening Isla, but I love it enough that I don't care! I thought I made it up when I was pregnant with Liam, but I looked it up and it's a real name; Scottish in origin I believe.

That's it for my baby-brain blog! But there will probably be more in the future. ;) 


Emily said...

I think Isla Wren is a beautiful name! I love how Wren links with Sparrow. I like both Isaac and Britton, I hope you are able to include both names if it is a boy! Coming up with baby names is so much fun, and you guys are great baby-namers! Glad to hear you are feeling well and enjoying baby's movements!

Peach Rainbow said...

Isla is beautiful!

Take care!