Friday, November 27, 2009

:: Baby Brain, Part Deux ::

Speaking of Baby Brain, here is a list of stupid things I have done since about halfway through this pregnancy (when the really bad Baby Brain began to set in) :

:: Bought two liters of buttermilk instead of homogenized milk - looks like lots of oatmeal scones and pancakes for us! Apparently you can also freeze it if you're using it for cooking or baking, which I would be since I wouldn't drink it.

:: Deleted an entire blog post when I copied and cut it, but then pushed it out of the clipboard when I saw a link I wanted to . . . link . . . and I copied and pasted the domain for that before I pasted the blog post anywhere.

:: Forgot to lock the front door at work, bring in the doormat from outside, or turn the sign around to read "CLOSED" instead of "OPEN", which it then read all night and until the next morning when Teneille got to work. I did remember to set the alarm however, which someone set off when they opened the front door, likely because the sign still read "OPEN".

:: Constantly bumping into things with my legs and arms, really hard. Today I bashed my thigh against a baby gate at work, and the bruise is so big and nasty that it is actually visible through my clothing as a lump. Yuck.

So I have basically been writing everything down, because I might forget it in the next minute or become distracted and move on. This baby-brain isn't totally all-consuming (yet), just rather sporadic really.

(PS - don't google-image-search "bruise" if you are pregnant. It's not pretty.)

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