Saturday, October 10, 2009

:: Giving Thanks ::

 :: part of my next banner for sure ::

It's Thanksgiving weekend here, and I'm grateful as always for all the things I think of every day and at night before I go to bed. I'm thankful for my beautiful and healthy family; my husband who works so hard to support us, who loves me and is still in love with me (ditto!), and my funny little Sparrow who melts my heart every single day. Just his eyelashes alone could do that! He is the boy of my dreams.

I'm so grateful for this healthy pregnancy and the wonderful midwives who take care of me, and to Sadie who called me yesterday to say the triple-screen results were negative so I could have a good long weekend! (Phewf, no amnio for me.)

I'm thankful that I grew up with family and that I still have them all in my life. I'm thankful for my wonderful and funny friends.

I'm thankful every day for our house, that we have somewhere warm to live in a strikingly beautiful and safe part of the world. I'm grateful that we always have enough to eat, and that we eat healthy and nutritious food. I'm thankful this year for my prenatal vitamins and liquid Floradix! They have made such a difference in my energy levels.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be self-employed, and go to work happy and excited.

Some thanks are simple, and other thanks are like a double-edged blade, but I'm grateful anyway.

:: my funny, sweet little boy ::

I woke up today with this song in my head. It makes me miss my cousin (who is really more like my sister). It's her and her mother's birthday on Monday and Tuesday, and traditionally my whole family would get together at my Granma's house in Vancouver for a big Thanksgiving dinner plus their birthday celebration.

It's hard living here without my family. I so look forward to the few times a year with my Mum, and I don't get to Vancouver nearly as often as I would like to see them. This is funny because Spencer is in Vancouver every week for three days, working. I have to try to schedule appointments and meetings for when Spencer is home because I don't have any family in town to help me with the Sparrow, and my friends don't live close by. It's also hard to impose on people who already have kids of their own.

:: the Sparrow creeping about; I'm so thankful that he's learning to stand! more on that later ::

So one of the things I'm thankful for this year is that I will really really be getting my Driver's License before the new baby is born. I've had my Learner's for nine years. My parents refused to teach me how to drive when I was a teenager, and told me I'd have to wait until I was eighteen. I didn't pick much of a fight about it, because they'd been telling me the same thing since I was a child, and I knew there wasn't much point in arguing when they had their minds made up.

But I moved out two days after my eighteenth birthday, and didn't have anyone in my life with a car or who was willing to teach me until I met Spencer. So he taught me. He's not the greatest teacher (sorry babycat, you yell!) but he is an excellent driver; the best I've ever known. He does it for a living, driving the biggest truck you can imagine and doing crazy maneuvers all over the dirty city. So I do know how to drive, but I've been procrastinating with getting my actual license since before the Sparrow was born. I guess I'm afraid to take the test and fail, and what a waste of money.

So I'm going to renew my Learner's and finally take a couple lessons, and then take my road test in a school car which will be automatic. I am realizing more and more that I'm going to have to give in and be a driver, at least for the Winter and until the new baby can ride in the bike trailer. I also can't ride my bike all through the Winter when I'm pregnant - snow and ice and bicycle tires don't mix. It's funny that it's now that I will have to give up riding for awhile, because I've been enjoying it so much recently.

:: this is how we roll ::

September was absolutely perfect, weather-wise, for riding. The days were all sunny except for about two or three (seriously!) and it isn't really very cold yet. So far October has been great as well, but I hear there's rain in the forecast for next week. I very fortunately received a bike trailer free of charge, since Spencer works in the waste industry and someone threw it out! I am also thankful for the privilege to ride, and to expose the Sparrow about what it really means to get around, with the power of your own body. All our groceries get towed home in my trailer along with the boy. 

But being a rider is something that's hard to be thankful for, honestly, since moving here. When we lived in Vancouver, I only ever had one friend who owned a car - Spencer! And most of the time we rode our bicycles wherever we needed to go, as did all of our friends. It was so empowering and fun to be going somewhere or coming home with a group of people all riding their bicycles, for free and free of exhaust and noise. Conversations while riding are really special.

But here in the Valley, everyone drives. In fact, we now only have one friend besides myself who doesn't drive and rides everywhere. It's hard to remain positive and thankful for your bicycle privileges when you live somewhere where everyone hops in their car to go any place at all, and doesn't think twice about it. A lot of the time drivers in Courtenay are unaware of cyclists, although having a huge trailer with a big orange flag does increase your visibility.

So it's with a grain of salt that I'm thankful to be able to drive (alone) sometime soon. On one hand, I hope I will be able to get to the mainland to see my family more often, at least a few times before the new baby is born and hopefully after. And I won't be able to ride with the Sparrow when rough weather hits, so I'm thankful that there's a little Subaru in our driveway waiting for me to be able to drive it!

:: okay now imagine me driving this soon - 4WD, baby ::


Laura Wolf said...

Love the new pictures of Liam. I understand a little about family not be around. I have my in-laws nearby but I'm always walking on eggshells if I can plan something and then need them to keep an eye on the kids. Things were going good with a neighbor and a friend but surprise, they both have brand new babies. Little hard to dump your kids on them. I can't believe that you do so much biking and so little driving. That is a rare thing these days. Good exercise. Good luck with the road test and remember driver license picture don't ever look good.

Kim said...

You have had a lot going on this month. I think it is fantastic that you get to ride a lot of places. Riding to the grocery store is not even an option. It would save a lot of money on gas! Glad to hear that you will be getting your license!
It's interesting to hear how holidays are spent around the world. Here, Thanksgiving is at the end of November! You do have a lot to be thankful for! Especially that cute adorable little boy!