Thursday, October 22, 2009

:: Cruising ::

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So there have been some big developments lately for Liam in the gross motor skills department. The lovely (laid-back) lady who used to be our Physical Therapist for Liam's gross motor development retired this year, and has been replaced with a ball of fire who is all rared up to get Liam strong and walking. She is a bit pushy and overbearing, but I can deal with that. Spencer really doesn't like her manner, but so far he's only been home and not working once when she's come to visit.

:: this is a big deal! he's kneeling and stretching to get the books! ::

He taught himself to stand in the bathtub by grabbing on the edge and leaning over. It took him a bit longer, but he also taught himself to sit back down again. That's one of the things that the Physiotherapist wanted him to work on, because sitting back down again takes more muscle strength than standing up. We've been working on getting up and down at a low table in the living room as well, and using his knees instead of trying to do a pull-up (which would be futile with his low muscle tone and strength level).

She also suggested trying to get him to cruise along the low table, which we encourage by saying, "One, two; one, two;" for each step. He also does this now while waiting for the bath to fill; he does the old One, Two; One, Two on the outside of the tub and gets to throw his toys into the water while it fills.

:: he's indulging me with a forced smile for this one. the boat rocks so it's extra-tricky ::

It's so exciting for all of us to see the changes in him daily. After what seemed like a long period of slow changes in his physical skills, they are starting to snowball now. I talked about this too with the physiotherapist; she said to be prepared for faster progress now that he his stronger. In turn, more skills build even more strength. It's exciting for Liam, too, to be able to do new things, even to something simple like enjoying his new view from a standing position.

:: the foamy tiles are T's from work and were the therapist's suggestion until we can get a rug ::

A few other new things that have developed in the last few weeks (he'll be TWO in just over a week) are that he now "army crawls" with alternating arms instead of both at the same time, and he "bear-walks" once in a while on his hands and feet with his legs straight! We're getting a rug for our living room floor (thanks, Granma!) for Liam's birthday, which helps him with doing regular crawling. The rest of our house has hardwood (actually softwood) floors or vinyl in the kitchen, so it's too slippery for him to do a regular crawl most of the time.

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