Tuesday, September 29, 2009

:: the Quickening ::

We've had a good couple of days off from work here at Casa Kennedy. Yesterday I cleaned and baked. The house was already in pretty good shape so it wasn't too hard to straighten up. My Granma (Liam's GG) and my Aunt came up from Qualicum for tea. I baked cranberry-chocolate-pecan-orange-oatmeal bars, and they brought more sweets (three different kinds!), so I don't think that I'll have any trouble gaining weight like the midwife said I need to. ;) I love seeing my family with the little Sparrow, and he flirted mercilessly with them after his initial shyness wore off. I also love having a clean house! More on that in another post.

Today Spencer and I treated ourselves to new socks and underwear. I joyously went through my underwear drawer when I got home and chucked all my old thin panties and socks. It might not sound too exciting, but we've been living so bare-bones for awhile that a little extra "newness" is met with thanks. I'm wearing a pair of new woolly socks now and my feet are toasty.

:: standing in the bath is fun and good exercise for his little legs ::

I always loved the bumps and kicks Liam gave me when he was still Baby Peppercorn. I felt him move for the first time when I was sixteen weeks pregnant. I'll never forget, because I was driving, and leaving Cumberland. I felt a little fluttery wiggle, and wondered if that was my first noticeable baby movement. As he grew and kicked harder and moved more and more, I discovered that it had been a Peppercorn wiggle. With this little Sesame Seed, I felt it move at fifteen weeks, but I was just sitting at the kitchen table, nothing exciting.

:: Sparrow eats fruit leather bits in the lineup at Thrifty's ::

I'm eighteen weeks now, and I feel the little Sesame almost every evening! Once I've done all my chores and get a chance to sit down and relax the little flutters begin. I've been thinking about how the first bit of pregnancy is done in Secret; people can't tell that anything's growing in there just from looking at you. For awhile you just look bloated; too much wheat maybe. The fascinating thing is that in the beginning is when all the important developmental things are happening. Once you start to actually show, all the baby's parts are there, and it's just getting bigger and stronger.

I'm feeling good again, but just like in my first pregnancy I've been a horrible vitamin-taker. I was taking a B-supplement with Folic Acid, and Iron supplement with a Vitamin C tablet, and also a Calcium with Vitamin-D at night. As soon as I started to feel the all-day nausea I couldn't take any of them without making the nausea worse. So I didn't take anything, and when I got my first basic blood test results back my iron was a bit low, which was not surprising to me. So I bought a prenatal multi-vitamin supplement at the drugstore. I don't know why I didn't just do this when I was pregnant with Liam! It's so easy to just take one pill. So far I've remembered consistently to take it. And the iron in it doesn't make me feel sick. I'll probably have more blood work done again, and if my iron's not high enough from the multi then I'll have to take the straight Iron again. Hopefully not; I hate taking Ferrous Gluconate.

 :: I made some legwarmers for Sparrow out of old pairs of socks I hadn't worn in years ::

My breastfeeding relationship with Liam came to an end recently. We had been nursing twice a day for a few months; just before nap time and just before bed. A few weeks before his twenty-second birthday he had begun to refuse milk at his nap time at work. I tried several times to offer it to him for naps, but he refused more and more often until his only nursing was before bed. Then he started refusing milk at bedtime too, and the last time he nursed was just after his twenty-second birthday. He just wanted a sip of water and to suck on his Nuk, which he also only has now at nap and bed times. I tried a few more times with him, to make sure it wasn't a breastfeeding strike. Since the quality and quantity of milk changes during pregnancy, I wondered if he wasn't used to it, but he really is done. We still have a nice cuddle before I put him to bed at night. It's a time I love; with the soft pink glow from our salt lamps, and the dark colours of our red room all around us. Sometimes I read while we snuggle, and sometimes not. I was sad that breastfeeding for Liam was over, but he did get almost two years of Mumma's milk. I wonder if he would have gone longer if I wasn't pregnant now, though.

If I have any extra pumped milk when the new baby comes I will try to see if Liam will drink it, even if it gets mixed into the homo cow's milk he now drinks. He never liked bottles and I didn't find much of a need for them, and I think with the next baby things will be similar, but I can always give the extra to Liam.

I'm not sure if it's related to his cessation of breastfeeding or not, but soon after he weaned he had his first bout of diarrhea. It was horrible for him and for me, as it's almost impossible to give naked-bum time to a kid with diarrhea. But any contact between the skin and the nasty stuff, however brief, induces a painful rash that was hard to get rid of. It lasted just over two days, and he was not his usual self at all. Luckily it occurred on my (and Sparrow's) two days off in a row.

That's all for now - it's bedtime. 

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Kim said...

It's interesting that you took all those vitamins. I only ever took one a day while pregnant. I remember those little first movements, especially when only I could feel it-it was such amazing bonding time with Preston. I also had a fetal doppler monitor to hear his heartbeat everyday. I loved that sound.
Glad you are feeling better and hope Liam's diarrhea is done for now! Adorable new pictures. And enjoy your new socks and undies!!

Jess said...

Good job on the once a day vitamin, I always thought your old way was whack!
You're a good mom.
Love you.