Wednesday, September 2, 2009

:: My Parrot Can Stand! ::

So I have a little parrot on my hands. It seems like I can teach the Sparrow a new word almost every day! I just taught him to say "Big Boy" the other day, and the way he says it is so cute, like "Bee Boa". He also says "Baby" now, which will be important some months from now.

At work he often says "Hi!", to customers he takes a shine to, but it sounds more like "Aiee!". He's said "Buh bye" sometimes but mostly just waves.

When my Mum was visiting she taught him to say "Thank-you" which comes out "Gaaah-goo" and he says "Please" with two syllables and it sounds a bit like "Deee-aah".

Sparrow give great kisses on request, and also says "Yub Ooo!" when we tell him we love him, which is often.

Most of the time he is quite a chatterbox, and his own language has English sounds but is definitely Toddlerese. He also grunts a lot and makes that annoying "Unh unh unh," whining sound when he wants me to pick him up or look at him.

:: he still loves jumping, and taking off his shoe apparently ::

There's a growing list of body parts that he will point to and say "Right here" or "Aiee teeah". Here's his list: eyes, nose, teeth, ear, hair, head, hands, belly and feet. For hands he rotates them at the wrist.

I'm so glad that we went ahead with the surgery for Liam. At first the results weren't noticeable, and in fact some things were worse than before. But the improvements for him, for his breathing and his hearing, have been well worth it.

:: big milestone! peeking over Daddy's leg ::

For at least a week his breathing, especially at night, was actually worse than before the surgery. I think that was in part from the painkillers he was one at night (Tylenol and codeine) and also from the scabby clots where they removed his adenoids. One night after his bath he had a major freak-out from being over-tired and cried so hard that I heard him actually choke on one of the clots and probably swallow it. Sorry, that was gross.

And for about a week after surgery his right ear was very painful, but our family doctor prescribed Ciprodex for the bacterial infection that was causing the pain. It's all cleared up now and no more nasty discharge. Sorry, gross again.

:: Daddy's leg gets kisses ::

Another one of his biggest accomplishments lately has definitely been standing up! He can't pull himself up to a stand, only onto his knees, but if we help him out he can stand on his feet and hold on for a little while! This is such an amazing milestone for him, and for me and Spencer, the parents of the Permababy.

:: look at his little toes! ::


Laura Wolf said...

Liam looks like he is doing real well. Happy to hear that his ear infection is cleared up. Nate had about 5 before his tubes were put in and he was on the same family of antibiotics. They worked fine for him but had bad side effects. Happy that we have been antibiotic free. Love seeing all the pics. Liam is a cutie! Love the little toes and everything else with our LP kids.

Kim said...

Go Liam! What accomplishments. I love when Preston first started talking and all the new words and sounds. Now I would like him to be quiet at times. I am glad the surgeries were a success! He is a cutie pie!