Tuesday, July 7, 2009

:: Beds, Babies & Parades ::

A lot of time lately has been devoted to my other blog, but I have some time this morning to devote to Sparrow Tales.

Where to start? I have so much to write. First of all, Sparrow has been sleeping in his own bed since Father's Day. I am a big advocate of co-sleeping, and since most of the world co-sleeps with their babies, I have a lot of peeps to back me up there. It makes so much sense when you have a newborn who has to eat every few hours in the night.

But Sparrow hasn't been a newborn for a very long time. I could easily have eased him into his own bed when he stopped night-feeding, oh, over half a year ago. But honestly I was just lazy. The crib/bassinet thing that we have for him was being used in his room. Not appropriately; I was using it to store all his old clothes that he had outgrown.

So on Father's Day we ditched all our fun plans to go to Comox and watch kite-flying and see an artist's showing at the Filburg Gallery that I really dig, and we stayed home so I could organize Sparrow's room. It took all day, but his room is much more play-friendly now, and there's definitely room for a big boy bed (later, later).

We let him play with some "new" toys after we set up his bed with his cowboy bedding. I also found some old stuffed animals and puppets that were mine and Spencer's when I was cleaning out his room. He seemed to enjoy sitting in his bed and looking at books. And he hasn't put up a fuss since!

His bed is in our room, on my side of the bed. He still gets milk twice a day, at nap and bed times, so I nurse him in my bed until he's cozy and then he gets his pacifier. (Which also happens only at nap and bed time.) Then I just lay him down in his bed with a little stuffed animal and he usually falls asleep within a few minutes. That is my reading time, so unless I'm bagged I usually get a bit of reading in.

I am glad I waited until he was ready for his own bed. We had no crying, no fuss. But I also know that he was probably ready months ago, and I could have had more time and space in my bed with just my husband! Well, half the week anyway. It is nice not to be kicked all night long anymore.

One week after Father's Day I hosted a baby shower for my girlfriend and her gorgeous new Taurus daughter Rowan. (Such a good name for an Earth-sign baby, methinks.) I took more photos than this, but this is the only one I'll put up here, the rest can get facebook-ed. What a super-mumma, with Two Little Ladies exactly thirteen months apart.

I took about 100 photos on Canada Day of the parade so that Spencer could see them afterwards. Poor Daddy had to work. But we both got home early at the same time, and had a nice afternoon together. I'm just going to post the funny ones here.

The Sparrow rode on my back for almost half the parade, until my feet got sore. Then we had to sit down. I used to be such a good stander!

I watched the parade with Jessica and Steve and their two girls. We laughed at a lot of things, but we really laughed at the Elasmosaurus. Apparently Courtenay is famous for it's Elasmosaur, and we have a complete skeleton at the museum. For more info on what an Elasmosaurus is, click here. This costume was really funny. Here's Courtenay's Elasmosaur:

There was also a cute teenaged Tin Man. I guess the Wizard of Oz will be on stage soon at the Sid Williams Theatre here in town.

He gave the Sparrow some candy, and amazingly my little bird didn't cry! You can spot the Wicked Witch of the West in the background.

The Cowardly Lion sure looks sheepish. I like the Tin Man's poppy, a nice touch.

And here's a good pic of baby Rowan all snuggled up in Mama's sling:

That's all I've got for now! Some recipes will come soon, methinks!

* Note to blogging friends: just click on any of the photos to see the enlarged version that you can steal. But don't steal if you're not my friend! *


Bethany Pearce said...

"i used to be good at standing" - haha! mee tooooo!

Love the little wee bed :)

and cowboy sheets??? are those from your store!?? You should post a link to them! I want a closer look!

Kim said...

Very cute pictures. I am glad you will get some sleeping room. I give you so much credit. I was on vacation with Preston this week and could not wait to get home to dump him in his own bed. He kicks pretty hard! Glad you had such a fun time at the parade!

Chelsea said...

B: The cowboy stuff is homemade (I think) and a friend picked it up for us at a thrift store she worked at. I'll take some closer photos. It reminds me of those old sleeping bags with hunters and cowboys on the inside lining.

K: I loved your Subway Tips post! And I have been sleeping a LOT better!

Jess said...

I love you, friend.