Friday, June 12, 2009

:: Evening Walk ::

Hey - wanna go for a walk with us? Okay. We started off by going to the lower field at Lake Trail Junior, and then walked through to Puntledge Elementary. Then we took the bridge where a kid on a bike scared the shit out of me (but he was actually polite and didn't mean to frighten me) and then we admired some lovely flowers and hedges, and then we walked through Puntledge Park so Vega could see the river (and splash around in the shallow parts). Then we came back up Woods and back to Fifth St. and home.

Hmm, it seems a bit dark in this photo. It wasn't really that dark out.

See? Pleasant.

I always stop halfway down this hill and peek out from behind these trees at the field.

I made Vega sit still for three seconds so I could take a proper photo of her. All the other ones are blurry because she runs so fast. She loves this field as much as I do.

This is the path that leads to Puntledge Elementary.

My little koala clings onto me for dear life. Just jokin', he rides snug in his Beco Butterfly carrier.

Vega gets excited when she can smell and hear the river.

That's the Puntledge River behind those trees.

This was carved into the tree, way high up.

This is Indian Rock. A few times a year they open the dam and let the river really rip. Usually at this time of year it's for some kayak race. They always give plenty of notice and post big red signs all over the park letting people know that the river will X number of times faster for X period of time, and to stay away from the river. It makes sense, because it's pretty fast when they open it up. And every year there's always some dumb-ass kids who get stuck over there on Indian Rock in their bikinis and board shorts because they didn't pay attention to the signs. I was here once, reading a book, when I realized that the kids over on that rock were stuck, and Search and Rescue had to come and save them.

I love these two willows. I think they're lovers.

Oh, Sparrow took a self-portrait when we got home so he could say hi.

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