Friday, May 1, 2009

:: To Sum Up ::

Whew, have we been busy lately. We have been Spring Cleaning, Spencer has been Spring Fixing, we've had out-of-town company on the weekends, hung out with in-town folks on other weekends, went out of town ourselves, and much more so I'll try to sum it all up. Here is one weekend hiking up Forbidden Plateau:

Liz and Ian stayed for part of the weekend and Spencer and they brought their boards so they could ride down after the hike. I didn't snowboard back down the hill (I don't snowboard or ski) but I did hike up and I did also slide down most of the hill on my hip on the way back.

Liam rode in the Beco on my back on the way up and on my front on the way down. He got so cranky when we reached the half-way point because it was past nap-time that I decided not to wait for the others to come down from their higher goal. I just hiked and slid back down to the car where I gave Liam some milk and got warm again. He actually fell asleep while I was sliding down the hill; I couldn't believe it.

And here we are exactly one week later, oyster-picking on the beach with Jackie and Aaron. It was warm and beautiful, with not a trace of the pesky wind that has been haunting the Valley this Spring. Liam came with in the Beco again, and when we reached a good oyster-y spot, he just sat on the rocks and played and watched us. What a good kid.

I had my first fresh oysters that night on the barbeque, with garlic butter, lemon juice and some parmesan. And one of my oysters had a pearl! No kidding, and it looks like a tic-tac. Just smaller.

Liam also got his first "big boy" haircut. I love long hair on little boys, but every morning Liam woke up, his hair would be full of little dreadlocks from rubbing his head on the bedsheets at night.

The other day the dreads were particularly bad, and when I mentioned it to Spencer on the phone, he said, "Just cut his hair off. He looks like a damn clown." And he was right; Liam did look like a clown. Also, his dreadlocks were so thick that I couldn't comb through them without making him scream. So off came the hair. I gave him a mini version of Spencer's haircut. And I think he looks pretty cute.

"Cut off my hair, Mummy. I look like a damn clown."

This is what I was up against every morning. Ouch.

Now he looks so respectable, and the new cut makes his cheeks easier (and even more tempting) to kiss.

We went to Victoria on Monday to see a ENT surgeon, Dr. Clark. It was nice to speak with an expert who has actually treated achon patients before.

He said that from the x-rays, it looks as though Liam's adenoids are enlarged, and he put us on the wait list for surgery to get them removed.

We've noticed a big difference in Liam's hearing lately, since the weather has gotten nicer and he hasn't had what seemed like a constant cold. (Which lasted all Winter.) And when Dr. Clark examined Liam's ears, he said that they looked perfectly clear! So he may not need to get tubes put in when they do the adenoidectomy. I've booked an appointment for another hearing test next week, because we've never been able to successfully test his hearing yet.

He also axamined his tonsils, and while he said they're large (sorry Liam, you got those genes from me) that's also not unusual for children as their tonsils help out in the immune department.

On the way back from Victoria, we stopped in unannounced on Tami in Duncan, just as she was baking fresh muffins. Muahahaha, talk about good timing. We had awesome visit in her backyard in the sun, and it really felt like the real beginnings of the warm season.

"Mummy, give me more fresh muffins with raspberries! Please!"

Speaking of the sun, Liam and I have spent most of the day out on the deck in the sun. My girlfriend gave birth to baby girl #2 this morning, and I was doula for the birth. Which means I got zero sleep last night. Liam stayed with Teneille, and slept almost the whole time so he didn't really know I was gone. She laboured beautifully in the water and gave birth on the bed at home, and she and her husband are now the proud parents to baby girl Rowan Fay. She was born at 6:39 am, and weighed just over 8 lbs. She was pink and beautiful and is so chubby. I slept for about three hours after I got home and fed Liam, and he just played on the bed next to me and maybe snoozed a bit too. I love that kid.

So the rest of the day has been spent out on the deck in a bit of a sleep-deprived fog. I didn't get much sleep the night before last either, so I was literally nodding off after the high of the birth wore away.

We inherited Spencer's mum's old kitchen set as she is moving far, far away. So now our old yellow kitchen table is out on the deck with the new deck chairs from Sean and Teneille. And we have a beautiful wooden table and chairs in the kitchen. There are six chairs for when the leaf is in the table, but there is tons of room even without the leaf, especially compared to the yellow table. The seats of the chairs are covered with a flowered fabric that is not to our liking, so I'll be re-covering them at some point.

One last thing to report is that Liam can finally inch forward! For a long time now he's been able to push himself backward on the floor on his belly. And a few days ago when the Child Development ladies were over, he pulled himself forward for the first time! Spencer and I were so excited, and it came right out of the blue. The first thing he did was throw all his circular wooden ring-stackers out the front door, which was open, and then try to skootch out the door after them. I actually have to watch him now when he's playing on the floor, because he can really get around now! It is really hard work to pull your whole body around on the floor when your belly touches the ground (I tried it) so hopefully he'll be gaining some strengh soon, and he's using his legs and knees a bit more too.

That's all I can think of for now. This post really should have been about four posts.

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