Sunday, May 31, 2009

:: Milestones ::

It's been awhile since I posted. I have a great recipe that I'm going to share here, and it's a little more nutritious and a bit more from-scratch than Beanie Wienie.

But I wanted to talk about my favourite thing first of all - Liam! He seems to be progressing in leaps and bounds lately.

He has a lot of words now, and most of them have to do with the people and things he loves. He says "Dada!" quite clearly now, and when Dada's not at home we have an old driver's license that he can look at and say "Dada!" all he wants.

He still says Dexter, but mostly meows at him. When we were coming back home on the ferry I bought him a little stuffed cat that looks like our Dexter, and he likes to cuddle with that.

He says Vega now too, but when he says it it sounds like "Gaga!". Oh, he also barks like a dog, and it sounds like "Buh, buh, buh," which I think is funny.

He says "Muh, muh, muh . . . " for More, and I've taught him the sign for More which he sometimes does on his own now too. He also does the signs for Water and Milk.

When he's told that something is hot, he makes this tiny wee blowing noise, with his mouth in a little O.

And he can really get around on the floor now! It seems like it took him forever to figure out how to go backward and forward, but he can do both now. He scoots around on his belly, knees, and forearms, which he uses to pull with. His shirts and knees aren't too clean lately, because the floor at home is always a mess and the floor at work only looks clean. He can go pretty fast, and I've watched him go all the way from the back to the front of the store a few times. He stops at the door and sort of inches his way toward the doormat, but he doesn't like the texture of it on his skin. I don't blame him, it's really scratchy.

He likes to open sacks of things, like my little zippered sack in my diaper bag that contains my wallet, change purse, cell phone, chap stick(s), etc. He loves to take the items out, examine them briefly, and then set them down. It's so funny and cute to watch him take them out one at a time so methodically. I can usually convince him to put them back in again, although that's not as exciting as taking them out. We play this game with toys too, like blocks and other wooden things. I just have to give him two buckets or other receptacles to take the toys from one to the other.

Another thing that's becoming more and more common is when he holds something up and looks up at me and says, "A-gAA!?" which I'm pretty sure means, "What's thAT!?" Sometimes it also means he wants me to read him the book he's holding. I love the stage when kids start wanting stories read to them! I've spent many hours as a nanny reading to other people's kids, and now I get to read to my own.

As usual Liam will still eat almost anything, and he's starting to hold his own sippy cup more. It's a hard balance for me to find out how much liquid to put into the cup. If there's not enough, it makes it hard for him to tip the cup back far enough for him to get any out because his arms are short. But if it's too full, then it's too heavy for his little low-muscle-tone-self to lift. We only have a few cups with handles, but I'm going to start using those more at meals and for water so he can practice and get stronger arms.

We've started letting him practice with his own fork or spoon now that the weather's nice and he can go shirtless. It's easier to wipe off a messy belly than to get spaghetti stains out of his clothes. He uses a combination of his hand and the utensil for now. We got a tester of a new baby spoon at work that the rep gave to me for him to learn. It's curved and has a choke-guard on it. It's also double-sided for left or right-handed kids.

That's all for now, but coming up I have a great recipe to post for a hearty but fresh-tasting soup and some photos of our evening walk with Gaga the other night. I'm also going to work on a new June desktop calendar collage.

"Eye see you . . ."

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Kim said...

Liam is adorable! I was having trouble loading your blog on mine for awhile, but the link is working now. I am glad because theere is some serious cuteness in this post!