Wednesday, May 13, 2009

:: Keepin' It Real ::

In the words of the Pioneer Woman, these next few photos will be keepin' it real. The Sparrow and I have been sickly for the last couple of days, and when he's sick, the Snot Monster comes. Here he is in the morning, first with a grumpy morning face and then getting a bit cheerier.

I hope you enjoyed those snot crusties as much as I enjoy melting them off his face with a warm wash cloth.

And here he is wearing some snazzy spandex pants from the ladies at the Child Development Center. The crotch is sewn together to keep his flexible hips from spreading while he's learning to crawl. I don't think he really needs them, because he's been using his knees just fine lately when he's on the floor. I will try them a couple more times, though. And not just to laugh at him.

And this is a photo of some outside time on one of the few nice days we've had lately. I brought home some new chunky puzzles from work for him. Wooden toys are so satisfying. He's ignoring his toys here though, and concentrating on dumping his Cheerios* out onto the quilt.

"Mmmmm, Cheerios.*"

Cheerios* and snot. Yumma.

This our yard, full of green stuff and dog poop and Vega's toys. With some random bits of wood leaning up against the fence along with a bicycle. (?) These trees have even more blossoms on them now; I should take another photo before the rain blasts them all off.

This is where I caught Dexter sleeping the other day. What a cutie. It's surprising that he actually fell asleep out there - it was noisy that day.

So there; I'm keepin' it real. My life's messy. But often cute.

*They're not real Cheerios, they're no-name brand.

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