Thursday, May 21, 2009

:: Back from the Sunny Okanagan ::

We got back from Kelowna a few days ago, and at first our return was shocking because it was 28 degrees when we were there, and sunny and gorgeous. When we got into Vancouver and switched vehicles for the ferry ride back, it was pouring rain and about 10 degrees. Lovely. Spence and I were both dressed for summer weather, with rolled-up jeans and flip-flops. It felt like we were coming back to the Wet Coast from a tropical vacation. And Spencer looked like he had, with his Kelowna sunburn. It's been rainy and cold since we got back (as in wool socks cold) but today looks like it will stay sunny and warm(er).

I didn't get many photos, because I was having too much fun and we weren't really there for that long. Someone wanted to come home on Monday, and I wanted to come home on Tuesday. We won' talk about that. We were in K-town so Spencer and some friends could watch the Knox Mountain Hill Climb, and so I could visit my family and friend. It was so nice for Liam to see my family, and vice-versa.

Lauren and Jersey Dog in the van on the way to Kelowna.

Nick gives me a saucy look. I've always said he looks like a cross between
Mick Jagger and John Travolta. When they were younger, of course.

Flynn thought he could nap up there. Except it's like 30 degrees up there. And I was
super-stoked about all the beer-drinking.
Don't worry, Spencer didn't have any.

Sparrow spent a lot of time peeking out the curtain at the scenery.

What a sneaky look!

Only an achon baby could fall asleep like this.

Kelowna has the best sunsets.

While we were there I gifted my parents and my girlfriend for birthdays and Mother's Day with some gorgeous professional shots of Liam. Check out for more of Crystal's amazing work. Her boudoir shots are killer! Here's a few beauties:

I love his chubby fists.

And his smile. *sigh*

On a totally different note, I made this for dinner the other night, and it was incredible. I made it exactly as written, except I halved it. A double would have been nice because I would have frozen it, but we still had leftovers. I can't wait for those; maybe tonight for dinner. I just used store-bought dried spaghetti.

Ryan's Bolognese Sauce
Photo by the Pioneer Woman

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