Thursday, April 23, 2009

:: Recipe : Beanie Wienie ::

Okay, I'm totally imitating one of my blogging heroines, the Pioneer Woman, with this post. I love sharing recipes, and I love the way she shows how to make her recipes with photos. Obviously I don't have her photography skills or equipment, but I hope this will be fun anyway.

To start off, my first photo recipe blog will be trashy yet economical. Daddy, Sparrow and I loved it, and we even had the leftovers for lunch the next day. Here are the ingredients:

about 5 wieners
2 cans of Heinz deep-browned beans
leftover rice or other starch like noodles (optional)
leftover veggies, ie grated carrots (optional)
bread for toasting

Here's the package of wieners that I bought at the mini grocery we live next to. I need to tell you that I only bought these as an emergency ingredient. This recipe is 23,468 x better if you make it with Ukrakian Farmer's Sausage. At the big grocery store you can find them with all the pre-packaged sausages and tortellini, and it's sold in a circular link. It's pink on the inside, normally you would serve it with perogies, and it is really preferable for this recipe. I would use almost all of a link for this-size recipe. But all I had access to was wieners, so wieners it is.

Cut five of these suckers into circles, and if you're feeling fancy then cut them on an angle. Then put a little oil and about a tablespoon of butter into a large frying pan (not cast iron for this one) and when it melts, just fry up the little sausage/wienie circles on medium-low heat.

Once the wienies/sausages get a bit golden on both sides, dig out the leftover rice from the fridge. There are two different kinds from two different dinners in the photo above. I also had some leftover grated raw carrots, so I threw that in too. You could use any leftover veggies you like. I just used the carrot because it was there, and I knew it would cook almost all the way through in little time.

Heat this through on medium-low, stirring constantly. If it sticks then add a bit of water.

This was a big recipe and I wanted leftovers, so I used a lot of wieners and two cans of beans. I prefer the beans on the right, because they don't have the creepy layer of fat on the top when you open the can. But we had the can on the left from when Spencer went shopping once. So in it went.

Open both cans and dump them into the pan. Fill one of the cans 1/2 or 3/4 full of water and add that, too. You won't need any water if you don't use rice or noodles. Stir well to combine.

This recipe isn't exactly a fresh herbs sort of deal, so the only seasoning I usually add besides black pepper is worcestershire sauce. Add a couple of shakes and sir it in.

Now just keep heating it and stirring it until it gets nice and bubbly like this. Don't forget to keep stirring. When it gets bubbly, turn it down to low and put some bread in the toaster. That's about it.

Serve Beanie Wienie with buttered toast. It's delicious when you scoop it up onto the toast and eat it all in one bite. Yum!

You can also make this a vegetarian dish with veggie dogs or sausage and the tomato-only beans. It's also delicious without the addition of rice and veggies; I just added those in because they were in the fridge and they added a little extra nutrition. You could just serve it with a salad, which would be really healthy.

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Peach Rainbow said...

i know it's been a long time since you posted this but i am catching up only now, so i had to write!

i too love PDub, and her way of presenting a recipe, its so easy to follow.

good job and hope to see more like this!