Friday, April 3, 2009

:: Morning Viewing ::

Here's a special parenting moment . . . . I got up earlier than usual today to put out the recycling and garbage, and Liam slept late.

That means that I got to finish watching X-Men Origins : Wolverine. Oh yes. Of course it was the not-quite-fully-edited version, which was fine with me because it's sort of comforting to see those safety strings behind Logan's (broad, muscular) shoulders when Victor is about to push him off somethings steep.

I have a *slight* obsession with Hugh Jackman, and it's gotten even worse since seeing Australia and now Wolverine. The movie started out a little meh but it picked up about a third of the way in. I think some of my original meh was a result of watching the not-quite-fully-edited version. But it got good enough to make my usually-dry hands very, very sweaty. And Hugh definitely made my hiney tingle. He's a piece of work, that guy. I remember reading that he had trouble finding Logan's anger when he first started with the character, but that once he found it he had it nailed. He does have it nailed. And I have to say, his wifey is one lucky gal. Also, the guy they picked to play Gambit is tingly too.

But I'm lucky too - I didn't even rent Australia; my dear husband brought it home to surprise me, and we watched it together! Little did he know he was feeding the hunger. ;)

I really think these special alone-moments, where I can do something like focus on a simple thing like an entertaining movie or a book or a blog, make me a better parent. I'm alone here for half the week while Spencer works in the Big Dirty, and I don't get too many of these moments. It's a great feeling when I start to miss my baby after my alone-time. I just checked on him, and he's awake and playing with his favourite (well, his only) wooden puzzle. Maybe I can even sneak in a shower before work . . . ;)

I know, I wasn't kidding.

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