Monday, April 13, 2009

:: Bye, Bye, Bumbo ::

It's a sad and stupidly sentimental moment for me that we've gotten rid of the Bumbo. Well, one of them anyway.

Spencer and I were spoiled in our pregnancy with Liam when his uncles and aunts delivered a gigantic load of baby gear into our front doorway. There were bags and bags and boxes of baby clothes, both for boys and girls from his Uncle R's twins. There were also two Bumbos. I kept one for our family, and gave one to my best bud Teneille who was also pregnant.

Liam shows Miga the love while seated in his Bumbo.

Her son R outgrew the Bumbo quickly, but as we were still using ours at home in lieu of a high-chair, she brought hers to the shop when we were doing renovations. We later traded it with another friend who had received one, as the one at the shop was lilac and T and I both liked the aqua colour for the shop. I purchased trays for both Bumbos, which I highly recommend. However, Liam is now able to take the tray off the Bumbo at home, as it's the older model tray, and it's not safe or practical to keep him in it any longer.

We also received a highchair that straps onto a regular chair in that wonderful load from the aunts uncles, and so now our boy sits in that for his meals.

My little chipmunk with a cracker. He loves crackers.

I actually really like it, and so does Spencer, because now we don't have a quarter of our table-top space taken up by a Bumbo, and the high-chair-thingey also acts like a booster seat when you don't put the tray on it, and Liam sits right up at the table now with us!

We're still using the Bumbo at work though, because Liam likes to be up where he can interact with customers and see what we're doing (for some of the day, anyway). He hasn't figured out how to rip the tray off that one yet. ;)

Getting used to sitting up at the table, instead of sitting ON the table.

This high-chair also has a tray. He likes swinging one leg.

There's a baby in that garbage can!


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Emily said...

He is such a cutie! We loooove the Bumbo as well - my 2-year-old daughter still finds it hilarious to sit in it, so I don't think she'd be too happy if we got rid of it!