Friday, April 3, 2009

:: Breakfast Pizza ::

I was just uploading some photos from the camera and I thought I'd share some breakfast pics.

Most of the time Liam's breakfast looks something like this:

Except usually the blueberries and apples are replaced by a mushed-up banana. But I decided to switch things up the other day, and we had this:

Breakfast Pizza!

It's easy; it's just some whole wheat naan bread from the grocery store, heated up in the toaster oven, smothered in peanut butter and topped with sliced bananas. I did actually put butter on it too, before the peanut butter. Oh, and that's my signature Poor Man's Mocha next to it there. Yum!

Here's a closer view . . .


Tonya said...

Hi Chelsea! Glad to see you have started a blog! Thanks for adding me and I have added you! Liam is adorable!! Prepare to recieve lots of welcomes from the gang!!!

Chelsea said...

Thanks, Tonya! :)

Kim said...

Hi Chelsea! I am Kim and my little guy Preston is 3 with achon. I have a blog
I would love to add you to the blogroll. Looking forward to seeing more pics of Liam and reading about his adventures. My birth story is under March 2008 (when I first started the blog).

Chelsea said...

Hi Kim! Go ahead and add me, and I'll add you. I just read a few posts and Preston's birth story. Yer funny. :)